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This is a hobby for me — simply an intellectual exercise. It is a handle for exploring history, geography, data processing, and other subjects and an arbitrary pass-time like a crossword puzzle. I believe attaching any significance to genetic lines, except for medical research, is nothing but racism on a smaller scale. I regret it is necessary to be so blunt, but the pervasive mythology of the dominant culture would otherwise certainly, sooner or later, accuse me of attempting to discover (connect with, or whatever) a sense of family or some similar nonsense.

Anyone can comment by following the comment link at the bottom of any page you can see — but I do not get automatic notification of comments. Send email to surname at larseighner dot com for anything urgent or for an account if you are a member of one of the families.

Identities of living people are hidden in publicly accessible pages. You can have your own page (if you are an adult) moved to the public area by sending me email with enough information for me to establish that you are you. Living only means confidential. It is not necessarily the case that people in the Main group are deceased.



'''The best way to look for anything in the FamiliesWiki is to use the search bar.


Some Julian dates have been converted to the proleptic Gregorian calendar. They will not agree with contemporary documents.

SSDI Lists

Index of Surname Lists extracted from the Social Security Death Master file (aka SSDI)

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