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Immigrant Roots

Immigrant Roots is a special category of categories which is the root of descendancy trees of categories for various immigrants. The categories (Descendant Trees) contain only descendants for whom pages have been created with appropriate category links. There may be information on other children in the page for the person.

The immigrant root is taken to be the first immigrant encountered in a line going backward from the present. What this means is that if a father and a son immigrate together, the son is the immigrant root of his descendants, but the immigrant root of the father's children born in America is the father.

Immigration is with regard to the whole North American continent. In some case, the immigrant did not remain North America, but had offspring here who remained. Being native the children are not immigrants.

Descendant Tree

Follow one these links to descend the tree (go to the category of children of the person):


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The following have additional known ancestors pre-immigration:

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