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Discussion for Living


Living is a section (group) in this wiki. It probably should be called “Confidential” instead. Articles about deceased people may be in the Living section, and articles about living persons my be in the Main section.

Persons in the Living section (group) may be deceased if:

  • The person died since the page was created and I have not the page to the Main section because I have not documented the death or just have not got around to it.
  • Person would have been less than 100 years old when the page was created and no record of death was found.
  • Essential documents pertaining to the person include references to living persons (other than officials).

Persons in the Main section may be living if:

  • Person is an adult and has explicitly given me permission to publish the information in the main section.
  • Person is famous or infamous and information about the person is published elsewhere.


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