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Discussion for Vail


Except incidentally, the Vails here are descendants of Thomas Vail "The Immigrant" who appears on Long Island about 1647 with his wife Sarah who traditionally (in Vail genealogy) is given the maiden name Wentworth, although there is not much evidence for this.

Now that there is DNA testing, it can be state definitely that Thomas Vail was not related in the male line to Jerimiah Vail. They are not father and son, nor brothers with the same father, although they are found in close proximity in colonial times. They could have been sons, by different husbands of the same mother, and one of them could have acquired the Vail name by being adopted. Because in small colonial communities people would end up being related in one way or another to nearly everyone else, there may now be people who are related to both Jerimiah and Thomas.

Many of the early Vails were Quakers; a few who were most prominent in the sect have been marked as such. Because Quakers did not swear oaths, they are usually identified as such when they acted as witnesses and some left bequests to various Quaker meetings.

Spelling Variants

These spelling variants have actually be found in documents: Veil

Vails including wives who bore the name Vail at some time in their lives


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