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Categories For Descendancy Code

This is a page in the descendancy categories which 
compose descendancy trees of categories for various immigrants.  The categories (Descendant Trees) contain only descendants for whom pages have been created with appropriate category links.  There may be information on other children in the page for the person.

A person listed in ''Pages'' below, but not in ''Descendant Tree'' has no descendants who have been entered in the tree.  The person's page may reveal that descendants have been entered in the wiki, but not in the tree yet.  When there are no entries in ''Descendant Tree,'' no descendants of this line have been entered in the tree.  

! Descendant Tree

Follow one these links to descend the tree (go to the category of children of the person): 
(:pagelist link=Category.{*$Name} group=Category list=normal fmt=#titlespaced order=title :)

! Pages

Follow one these links to the page about the person:

(:pagelist link=Category.{*$Name} group=Main list=normal fmt=#titlespaced order=title :)
(:pagelist link=Category.{*$Name} group=Living list=normal fmt=#titlespaced order=title :)

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