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The policy of this wiki is to protect the identities and identifying information of living persons with the following exceptions:

  1. People acting in their professional capacities. Examples of people whose identities may be revealed without regard to whether they are living or dead include: notaries or county clerks attesting to documents, person presiding at a wedding or funeral in his or her professional capacity (for example a minister or justice of the peace), author of a published article or book cited as a source, attending physician at a birth or death, and a census enumerator when a census is cited as a source.
    • This exception does not apply to witnesses, pallbearers, persons in a bridal party, and similar roles when the role in the event is secondary to person's relationship to the principals.
  2. Famous or infamous public persons and celebrities.
  3. Adults who have consented to the publication of information pertaining to them.
  4. Older minors with the consent of their parents will be considered on a case-by-case basis taking into account the availability of the information elsewhere (such as on social media sites).
  5. A person whose age would be in excess of 100 years will be presumed not to be living in the absence of evidence to the contrary.
  6. A person presumed dead by a military service or declared dead by a court of competent jurisdiction.

Transcriptions of documents mentioning living persons other than those excepted above will not be entered in publicly accessible areas of this wiki, but links to originals, copies, or transcriptions published elsewhere on the World Wide Web and citations of publicly accessible publications and document repositories may be entered in public parts of this wiki.

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