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calumus meretrix et gladio innocentis

Descendency Category Template

(:title Birth Name:)

Unless otherwise noted, assume other children exist(ed) but have not been entered in the wiki. The notes may be "No known issue" or "All known children."  Hashes (long hexadecimal numbers) are links to password-protected pages, for persons living or presumed living at the time of the last update.

! Descend Tree

(:pagelist link=Category.{*$Name} group=Category list=normal fmt=#titlespaced order=title :)

! Pages

Follow one these links to the page about the person:

(:pagelist link=Category.{*$Name} group=Main list=normal fmt=#titlespaced order=title :)
(:pagelist link=Category.{*$Name} group=Living list=normal fmt=#simplename :)

! Ascend Tree

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