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Event Child


In short Child is an event in the parent's history, while Birth occurs to the person being born.

Child is an event that increases a family.


The Child event is generally modified by type, such as:

**'''[[(FamiliesWiki/Stub)Type]]''': Birth
  • Type: Birth
  • Type: Adoption
  • Type: Presumed adoption
  • Type: Step-child
  • Type: Foster
  • Type: Informal

Each of these types may be the name of an event in the child's record.

Legal process by which the individual becomes the legal parent of the child.
Child is the biological child of the individual or of the partner of the individual in a 'Union and the child resides with the individual.
Child placed in the individual's home by an agency of the state or another authority.
Child in a person's home without legal process, such as child living with an aunt or grandparent or neighbor.
Presumed Adoption
No adoption record found, but child assumes an individual's surname (or other evidence that the child is considered adopted).
child of an individual's partner in a Union with no evidence of adoption.

Although it would be possible to enter separate events when the Child relationship changes, such as when a foster child or a step-child is adopted,

Date means the date the union was formalized or agreed to. It is not a duration. If the exact date is not known the modifiers abt (about), bef (before), aft (after), and between…and…. The between is not a duration, but indicates the range within which the event is believed to have occurred on a single date.

Date can have a note so it can referred to the date a license is issued or returned if the date of the ceremony is not known.



Place is the jurisdiction in which any formalities occurred, which might not be exactly the same as place where either party resides before or after. If there are no formalities, it is where the parties reside.



Agency is the location where any formalities occur. This might be a church building, a courthouse, a home, a hotel or hired hall, or something of the sort.



Person conducting any formalities. This might be selves in case there are not any formalities, or a clerk making an entry in registry.



The person who is the other party to the Union.

For present purposes these types are defined as follows:

Type may be Birth, Adoption, Foster, Informal (as when a child lives with a grandparent, aunt, uncle or family friend without formal adoption or placement), Presumed Adopted (as for example children living with a step-father who assume his surname, but a formal adoption record has not been found or a formal adoption is known not to have occurred, Step-child (child of a spouse, but no indication of adoption or intention to adopt).

The events Birth, Adoption, etc. are events in the child's personal record. If they are broken out to an Event page, the type in the parent's record should be linked to that Event page.

Place is the place of the birth, the jurisdiction in which adopted, or first place parent and child resided together for the undocumented types.

Agency might be a hospital or placement agency. Presiding might be a physician, judge of a court or an administrator making a placement.

Principal is the child and should be link the child's page (existing or to be created).