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Event Type Census

*'''[[(FamiliesWiki/Stub)Event]]''': Census
**'''[[(FamiliesWiki/Stub)Type]]''': [=US decennial=] 
**'''[[(FamiliesWiki/Stub)Date]]''': (:adate :)
**'''[[(FamiliesWiki/Stub)Agency]]''': [[US Bureau of the Census]]

The Agency of the Census is "US Bureau of the Census" for the US federal census.

Presiding is the enumerator.

Date is the official enumeration date unless it is more specifically given.

Principal is the head of household according to the census record.

Other persons enumerated are given by Name using the name as it appears in the census, but linked to the full, correct name. The subordinate stub Role is according to the relationship given in the census.

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