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Event Union


Union is the event that creates a family of two adults.*

The Union event is entered with the following stub:

*'''[[(FamiliesWiki/Stub)Event]]''': Union


The Union event generally is modified by type, such as:

**'''[[(FamiliesWiki/Stub)Type]]''': marriage
  • Type: Marriage.
  • Type: Civil Union.
  • Type: Informal
  • Type: Domestic Partnership
  • Type: Unrecognized
  • Type: Formalized

These types are defined:

means a lawful union contracted and recognized in a jurisdiction where this union was lawful at the time. This includes common-law marriages in jurisdictions which recognizes the common-law marriage of the principals. This also includes unions legally recognized at the time through fraud, error, or ignorance in spite of the parties apparently not being qualified to marry each other according to the law at the time.
means a union which could have been lawful but legal sanction was not applied for.
means unions which could not be legally recognized in the relevant jurisdiction.
means unions sanctioned by religious or cultural groups by a formal ceremony but which were not lawful according to the relevant jurisdiction.
Civil Union / Domestic Partnership
union lawfully contracted in a jurisdiction providing for one of these kinds of unions.


**'''[[(FamiliesWiki/Stub)Date]]''': (:adate  :)

Date means the date the union was formalized or agreed to. It is not a duration. If the exact date is not known the modifiers abt (about), bef (before), aft (after), and between…and…. The between is not a duration, but indicates the range within which the event is believed to have occurred on a single date.

Date can have a note so it can referred to the date a license is issued or returned if the date of the ceremony is not known.



Place is the jurisdiction in which any formalities occurred, which might not be exactly the same as place where either party resides before or after. If there are no formalities, it is where the parties reside.



Agency is the location where any formalities occur. This might be a church building, a courthouse, a home, a hotel or hired hall, or something of the sort.



Person conducting any formalities. This might be selves in case there are not any formalities, or a clerk making an entry in registry.



The person who is the other party to the Union.

1. There are only a few examples of group unions known anywhere in the world at any time. A few of these occurred in small religious sects in America. The union event will have to be somewhat modified if one of those communities is encounter in the histories here. Bigamy and polygamy are not group unions, but are simply examples of a person belonging to more than one union at a time.