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Events Related To Death

The death of the individual who is the subject of the record.
This the event of the disposition of the remains of the individual.
a usually religious service preceding disposition of the remains. Should not be entered separately if it occurs graveside at the time of burial.
Lying in State
honor afforded a few prominent persons, generally part of a state funeral. This is like Visitation but occurs at major government building, such as the capitol. This should be recorded in the record of any individual afforded the honor.
A religious (or not) observance of the death of the individual usually occurring after the Disposition, but may be a (usually) non-religious gathering at someplace other than the grave site (if any).
This is the dedication of a stone, marker, statue (or similar) commemorating an individual, but not the headstone or other marker where the remains of the individual is buried. For most ordinary people, this would be a marker when the remains were not recovered or were buried at sea or some foreign place. This does not include large monuments to large numbers of people. which bear only the individuals name.
Viewing or Visitation
period of time when the remains can be viewed, now usually at a funeral home. Generally this entails no formal services or program. In most cases, this is not entered on an individual record.
gathering of friends and relatives at the home of the deceased, formerly with the remains present, but now sometimes a distinct event from Viewing or Visitation.

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