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  1. is a free site with many resources such as county and family histories, the census, and so forth in various formats. is a pay site which seems to have a number of shill sites which consist of nothing but links to
  2. Family Search org. is a site run by the Mormons. It contains indexes of a wide range of genealogically pertinent public records and many free images of original records. It also contains some links to pay sites, clearly marked with a dollar sign. Some images at the pay sites can be found for free elsewhere (such as the census images at Family Search also has the Mormon Ancestral Files. Ancestral Files are researched and submitted by enthusiastic amateurs, are not well-documented, and are often frankly wrong, but sometimes do contain valuable clues when they can be substantiated. Needlesstosay, the Ancestrial Files are in no way authoritative (except possibly as an article of faith). Fortunately, search results from the Ancestral Files are clearly set off from results pertaining to public records. The index search is very useful and worth learning to use efficiently.


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