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Why are Some Obituaries in the Living Group?

Some obituaries are placed in the Living group because the obituaries mention relatives who may still be living.

The Living really means confidential in the name of the group. What is confidential is the family relationships of living people, and the object of confidentially is to prevent fraud and protect the privacy of family members. Mention of the public acts of unrelated people is not considered confidential, so recording clerks, ministers, doctors, census takers and so forth, if unrelated to the subject, doing their jobs is not considered confidential.

Some obituaries are so old (100 years +) that all the participants are presumed dead. These can go in the Main group, as can funeral cards which do not mention relationships to possibly living persons. Some more recent obituaries may mention so many relatives by name that it is not practical to determine whether all of them are living or dead, so they go in the Living group, just in case.

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