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Stub Event

This wiki aims to be event-linked (as opposed to other schemes such as lineage-linked). There are several good reasons for event linking, not the least of which is that most of the information available about persons in the past comes from accounts or records of events.

It follows therefore that the Event stub is one of the most important and most commonly used stubs.

The value of the Event stub may be one of the following (for consistency):

and others to be added as they may occur.

The value of an Event stub may be, and in some cases should be links.

Two events are unique to a person: Birth and Death. Since the Page Name of a person's page in this wiki must be unique, the easiest way of creating unique pages for the Birth and Death events is the word Birth or Death plus the page name of the person's page, and this is the system that has been adopted.

In some cases, making links to certain events needlessly duplicates information. For example, often the only information about a funeral and a death is in an obituary. It may not be necessary to make a separate event page for the funeral if all the information has already been entered in the page for the death event. But some obituaries have detailed accounts of the funeral service and sometimes when a disaster has occurred a funeral is for more than one person. So it is largely a judgement call which would include factors such as whether a funeral program has been found, whether pallbearers include survivors not otherwise mentioned, and so forth.

Subordinate stubs to the Event may include:

Subordinate stubs may have somewhat different meaning in the context of various events. Some may not apply to particular kinds of events.

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