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Stub Head


This stub is used when a census event is entered.

The actually census form has a column for Relationship. This the relationship of the individual to the person listed as the head of the household. Naturally this is meaningless unless the identity of the head is known. So when information for an individual is given from one line of the census, the name of the head, possibly from a line above need to be entered.


  1. self when the individual is identified as the head in the relationship column.
  2. Last name and first name of the head from one of the lines above. This should be exactly as shown on the census even when it is not the full, true name of the person we think it refers to.
  3. As above, but linked to the head's page in the wiki. Even if the census is exactly right, the link must be explicit because the census name is last name first.


One of:

**'''[[(FamiliesWiki/Stub)Head]]''': self
**'''[[(FamiliesWiki/Stub)Head]]''': Blow, Joe
**'''[[(FamiliesWiki/Stub)Head]]''': [[Joeseph Blow|Blow, Joe]]
**'''[[(FamiliesWiki/Stub)Head]]''': [[Joe Blow|Blow, Joe]]