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Stub Name

What reader's should know is that a Name stub should contain a person's full name at birth or as nearly as it is known. People should always be referred to by this name in the first reference to them in text written for this wiki, but more relaxed forms may be used in subsequent references in the same context. (This obviously does not apply to transcribed documents which should match the original as nearly as humanly possible.) The name should be in its natural order, which for European names means given name first.

Contributors should know the following:

The Name stub occurs at the top the data (shaded) section of a person's page, under the portrait if there is one. It is automatically filled in to match the title of the page. The name should be entered in the (: title :) directive at the top of the page if it does not show up correctly in the name stub. Many names will not need correcting. Those that do will fall into one (or more) of these cases:

  • The page name is encoded because the person it refers to is still living (or presumed so) and does not fit one of the confidentiality exceptions
  • The person's correct name includes apostrophe's, commas, periods, or other special characters which cannot appear in a page name.
  • The person's correct name contains unusual capitalization (or lack of it) such a lower case part or two uppercase parts put together without a space (such as: Mary del Rio, or Richard VanOrt).
  • Something extra has been added to the page name to distinguish people who have exactly the same name.
  • The page was created when the person's name was not accurately and completely known.

The name should indicate the exact and complete name of the person at birth, ideally taken from a birth certificate exactly as entered, or the best approximation of the full name at birth. This may be the name on an adoption record if the actual birth name is not a public record. If this is not the case, adjust the (: title :) directive at the top of the page.

In a person's data box, the Name is normally set to {$Title} because the name should be entered in the (:title :) directive at the top of the page like (:title John Alonzo Doe, Jr. :)

  • The name should be entered in natural order, which for European people is usually given name, middle names if any, family name, suffix if any.
  • Do not set off the family name in /slashes/ or enter it in ALL CAPS, although these practices are usual in some record systems and some genealogical writing.

The Name stub can appear in subordinate stubs. Ideally this should meet the same criteria as mentioned so far (i.e. complete birth name). But at subordinate levels Name is likely to be used with unrelated, or distantly related persons, and the name may be entered in whatever form it is found. When and if there is an article about the person in this wiki, the name should be linked to it, and the name should be changed to its complete form in most cases.


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