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Stub Nicknames

The stub Nicknames is for short names commonly used at one time or another to refer to the person. These should roughly be in chronological order. First should be the name or names used to refer to the person in the family if different from the first given name. Examples:

  • Mary Jo Johnson, called "Mary" at home: do not enter as a nickname.
  • Mary Jo Johnson, usually called "Jo": do enter as a nickname.
  • John Thomas Doe, Jr. usually called "Junior": do enter as a nickname (spelled in full).

Do not include all possible shortened forms (such as Bobby, Bob, Rob, Robby, etc. for Robert), but only those for which there is evidence of frequent use.

School, military, and work nicknames may follow.

Some nicknames are so commonly used that the person is seldom referred to by anything else. If this is the case, the name should be made a link so a cross-reference page can be entered.

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