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Stub Place

The stub place uses links for political subdivisions in which an event occurred. The largest division is a two-letter abbreviation for the state, province, or country.

The emphasis here is on political because the genealogical reason for this entry is to suggest where records may be found. The first choices for place values are the place names as they existed at the time of the event. Subsequent changes can be explained in the page linked to. Certain neighborhoods can also be entered here, whether they once were political subdivisions or not. The two-letter abbreviation is entered with each link, and the links go from smaller to larger. "County," "Parrish," 'Township" and similar are not abbreviated. Use Ft, Mnt, or similar in names of cities. Do not enter periods, commas, apostrophes or other special characters.

Stubs related or possibly confused with tghe Place stub include: Location (latitude and longitude), Agency (organization or institution related to an envent), Address (street address).



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