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calumus meretrix et gladio innocentis

Stub Presiding

The Presiding stub is for an official, religious authority, physician, judge, recorder, or similar more or less in charge at an event.

Examples might be:

  • a minister at a marriage or funeral service, baptism, christening, or other religious service.
  • attending physician at a birth or death.
  • justice of the peace at a marriage, pronouncing the dead, etc. Judge of a court of competent jurisdiction issuing a divorce decree or formalizing an adoption.
  • official placing a foster child.
  • enumerator administering a census
  • when not in the name of a higher authority, recorder, county clerk, voter registrar, enlistment officer, or other functionary who performs an official act within the competence of his or her office.

This person, acting in his or her professional capacity can be named even if her or she is living.

When there is really any doubt in what capacity the person is acting, a subordinate Type stub can clarify, but this should not be necessary very often.

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