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Stub Principal

The Principal stub is for entering the name of the person an event is about.

  • The principal in a census event is the person shown as head of household (or similar) in the census record.
  • The principal at a birth is the person being born.
  • The principal at a death is the person who is dead.
  • At a marriage or other union, there are (at least) two principals: the spouses.

When an event is entered in a person's page, in most cases the person is the principal or one of them. It is unnecessary to enter the person who the page is about. So when a Union is entered, only the other spouse needs to be entered as a principal.

In the Event Child the child is the principal (because Child is always entered in the parent's page.

When an event is detailed in an event page, the principals all should be entered except when it is obvious. In some cases there are defined roles to replace Principal such as Parent and Child at an adoption. These should be used in place of Principal when they are defined.

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