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calumus meretrix et gladio innocentis

Stub Surname

The Surname stub should be completed with a Surname Link, which for names without embedded spaces, embedded capital letters or special characters is just the name in double square brackets, such as [[Doe]].

Names with embedded spaces, embedded capital letters, or special characters is entered, a special form is used such as:

  • [[McMurray|McMurray]] (otherwise wiki will insert a space between Mc and Murray)
  • [[ORiley|O'Riley]] (if the apostrophe is in the first part, which is the link, wiki will break and show nothing)
  • [[von Trapp| von Trapp]] (wiki will capitalize the first part and any word after a space)
  • If you know there is already a page for this surname which has a (:title :) directive where the name is properly styled, you can use the shortcut that uses + instead: [[McMurray|+]].

See: Links


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