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Francis Ewing


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  1. The Library of Congress; Chronicling America The Globe-Republican, January 05, 1894, Image 4
We give below a marriage notice which was taken from the Daily Baltimore American, Tuesday, December 2G,1893. The Rev. Dr. Clampett spoken of below is a brother of our well-known townsman R. D. Clampett:
Merry Marriage Bells.
Miss Francis Ewing, daughter of the Hon. James Stevenson Ewing, United States minister to Belgium, and Mr. Bayless Beecher, a broker, of Memphis Tenn., were married last evening at 7 o'clock, at St. Peter's Protestant Episcopal Church, corner Lanvale street and Druid Hill avenue. Miss Ewing has recently returned from Brussels, Belgium, where she has been with her father. A portrait was published of her in The American on Sunday. Since her return to this country she has been the guest of her sister, Mrs. Frederick W. Clampett, wife of the rector of St. Peter's church. The. church was magnificently decorated with lowers, holly and greens, which served a double purpose Christmas and the wedding. From the ceiling long streamers of greens were suspended in graceful loops. In the center of the altar was a large cross of ivy leaves, in the midst of which gleamed a silver star, and on each side of the star were large vases of roses. Palms and potted plants were grouped about the chancel.
Shortly after seven o'clock the bridal party entered tbe church, the bride leaning on the arm of her uncle, Hon. Adlai E. Stevenson, Vice President of the United States, who gave her away Following the bride came Miss Julia Stevenson, daughter of Vice President Stevenson, the naid of honor, who wore a beautiful costume of white chiffon over satin, cut decollete, and trimmed with lace. The bride wore a magnificent white satin, Empress Josephine gown, with pearl trimmings and Meeblin lace. The ushers were: Messrs. Elisha Camp, of New York: Geo. McLanahan, of Washington, and Mr. Lincoln Weldon, of Bloomington, Ill.
The ceremony was performed by Rev. F. W. Clampett, rector of St. Peter's church, and brother-in-law of the bride. Bishop Paret was present and gave the blessing. The only persons from Baltimore Invited, outside the relatives of the bride and groom, were the Members of the vestry of St. Peter's church and their families. The following persons came over from Washington in a private car: Hon. and Mrs. A. E. Stevenson, Judge and Mrs. Lawrence Weldon, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. McLanahan, Miss McLanahan, Geo. McLanahan, Jr., the Misses Stevenson, Mrs. Scott, the Misses Scott, the Misses Wendling, Miss Marion Cockrell, Dr. and Mrs. Hodgson, of New York, Mr. Elisha Camp, Mrs. Elisha Camp, Gen. and Mrs. Black, and Mr. Black, Mrs. E. Barrington James, sister of Rev. Dr. Clampett; Miss Winston, of Washington, Mr. and Mrs. James W. Denny, and Rev. Alex. W. Stein, Jr., were also in attendance. After the ceremony Rev. and Mrs. Clampett gave Mr. and Mrs. Beecher a reception at their home, corner of McCullough and Mosher streets. Only the wedding party attended. Vic President Stevenson also received the guests at Mrs. Clampett's home in the evening.

Contrary to the article, the Vice President was not Miss Ewing's uncle. He was her double first cousin once removed.


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