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Henry Wallis Ewing

Henry is often called "Wallace Ewing" in even friendly press. It seems likely he accepted this spelling, but generally signed documents "H. W. Ewing."

Henry Wallis Ewing was my great-grandfather. He survived by a few days the date of my birth and I am informed he received news of my birth. He was a dentist but did not practice during most of his working life. My grandmother preserved a few of his instruments, but if they showed any signs of use, I did not notice when they were displayed to me. He farmed in the vicinity of Iola, Kansas.*

In 1903 he was admitted to the Kansas Academy of Science, listing his association with the Iola Gas Company. So far as I can determine, the Iola Gas Company met with failure in early attempts to bring in the large deposit of natural gas that was commonly believed to exist in the Iola area. Whether the Iola Gas Company participated when another company hit the main deposit is not clear to me. But Henry's experience in the gas business may have had something to do with the family removing to Texas.

Evidently they first moved to the Tarrant County area. My grandmother claimed to have been chums with Mary Martin in school (and for that reason suspected that the Ewings of the television show "Dallas" were named for her family,* as the show starred Martin's son Larry Hagman and Martin had been offered the role of his mother in the show). This is not plausible if Mary Martin's reported birth date of 1 Dec 1913 is accurate. There would have been seven years difference in their ages,possibly chums in a rural school, but my grandmother reports being in Houston during the first World War, and if Martin were born in 1913 she would have still been a toddler in Weatherford at that time.

The move to Houston would not have been unexpected if, as I surmise, Henry were still in the gas business. My grandmother often referred to herself as "only a gas man's daughter," which was a reference to a large number of risqué jokes from a bygone time. My grandmother reports living the Heights and pointed out the house she lived in when I was still too young to remember exactly where it was in a neighborhood then strange to me. She reported that she recalled hearing the soldiers marching through the streets to make transportation connections for the war. I believe however what she actually heard was the militia marching to put down the Houston Riot of 1917, an unpleasant racial incident. Either she was protected from the truth at the time and never learned it, or she sought to protect me in recalling it.

With the exception of Luke's twin who died very young, I knew all Henry's children and their spouses. Luke occasionally repeated jokes about one of a pair of twins dying and the survivor never being sure which one had died.

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Photo: Chuck Hanson's Genealogy Page with ties to William Moody and William Chamberlain: Henry Anderson & Son

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  1. Apparently there really was a Jock Ewing in the oil and gas business, settled in Stephens County, Texas. Members of his family claim the TV series was loosely based on him and that the family was compensated by the television producers. Other Ewings have also used the name "Ewing Oil" for small operations after the series.
  2. He did practice some. An advertisement has been found in Library of Congress: Chronicling America The Iola Register October 29, 1897, "Dr. H. W. EWING, Dental Surgeon. CROWN AND BRIDGE WORK. No. 7 West Madleou Ave, Up Stairs. Nitrous-oxide Gas administered… IOLA, KANS,"


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  3. Iola [Kansas] Register, July 29, 1943, p.6 (50 years ago)

Henry Wallis Ewing, Harris Co. TX, 1867–1948

Texas Department of Health
Bureau of Vital Statistics
Standard Certificate of Death
No. Stamped47914
1. Place of DeathState of Texas
County ofHarris
City or Precinct No.Houston, Texas
Street and Number or Name of InstitutionMemorial Hospital
2. Full Name of DeceasedDr. Henry Wallis Ewing, Sr.
Length of Residence Where Death Occurred _ Years _ Months  2 Days
Social Security Number 
Residence of the Deceased Street and Number2205 Park
Residence of the Deceased CityHouston
Residence of the Deceased CountyHsrris
Residence of the Deceased StateTexas
Personal and Statistical Particulars
3. SexMale
4. Color or RaceWhite
5. Single, Married, Widowed or DivorcedWidowed
6. Date of BirthNovember 17, 1867
7. Age| 81 Years _ Months  12 Days
8A. Trade, Profession or Kind of Work DoneRetired Dentist
8B. Industry or Business in Which Engaged
9. BirthplaceBloomington, Illinois
10. [Father's] NameHenry Anderson Ewing
11. [Father's] BirthplaceBloomington, Illinois
12. [Mother's] Maiden NameElizabeth Merriman
13. [Mother's] BirthplaceHiusdale[sic], Masschusetts
14. [Informant's] SignatureMrs. E.R. Barrow [typed]
[Informant's] Address3402 Overbrook Lane, Houston, Texas
15. Place of Burial or RemovalForest Park Cemetery, Houston, Texas
[Burial] DateNovember 30, 1948
16. [Undertaker] SignatureGeo H Lewis [signed]
Geo.H.Lewis & Sons(Geo.H.Lewis #8) [typed]
[Undertaker] Address2402-06 Caroline St., Houston, Texas
Medical Particulars
18. Attended4-20-1948 to 11-28-1948
Last Seen Alive11-28-1948
Time of Death2 A.M.
Primary CauseCor. Thrombo–
Duration2 days
Contributing Causearteriosclerotic heart disease
If not due to disease, specify:
Accident, Suicide, or Homicide\
Date of Occurrence\
Place of Occurrence\
Manner or Means\
If Related to Occupation, SpecifyNo
SignatureGhent Graves
AddressCity Nat'l Bank Bldg.
File Number4985 [stamped]
File DateDEC 2 - 1948 [stamped]
Signature of Local RegistrarW.H. Alban
Postoffice AddressHouston, Texas

Ghent Graves is not the society doctor who tried to help get me drafted in spite of my medical problems, but the father of that doctor.

Document Image

"Texas, Deaths, 1890-1976," index and images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 16 Aug 2013), Henry Wallis Ewing, 29 Nov 1948. Links to the wrong image. Correct image is 1158.


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