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Rev. John J Vail


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Quakers do not, in general, practice ordination, although some have the office of minister, so it is not clear John was ever titled Reverand in his lifetime. He held Quaker offices and was recognized as a talented speaker and preacher.

John was a carpenter and builder who participated in raising many Quaker meeting houses. Sometimes his occupation is given as "Quaker preacher."

His middle initial may be spurious. He is called "Sr." by some writers to distinguish him from younger nephews and his son, but it is not clear this was ever used by him in life.

Martha was the fraternal twin of John FitzRandolph , which is all that is known of him. She was married to Rev. John J Vail , and they had 12 children.

Capt. John Vail

Married Ellen Billings.

Samuel Vail

Survived less than 1 year.

Joseph Vail

Married Grace Manning.

Mary Vail

Married Edward Drake.

Thomas Vail

Thomas Vail was a miller, a farmer, and a Quaker minister. He married Sarah Davis.

Elizabeth Vail

Died at age 18, unmarried.

Nathaniel Vail Sr.

Married Elizabeth Dennis. He was a loyalist, and after the war took refuge in Canada with some of his family.

Martha Vail

Married Abraham Merlat.

Isaac Vail

Isaac Vail married Elizabeth Jennings, Winefred Crabb, and Rachel Compton.

Sarah Vail

Sarah Vail married Isaac Jennings, and moved to Ohio.

Peter Vail

Peter Vail died at age 19. No marriage is known.

Noah Vail

Nothing is known of Noah Vail although he lived into his 60s.

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  1. Quaker Testimonials

Relationship to Lars: great x6 grandfather

Relationship to Thomas Vail, The Immigrant: grandson

Affines: Martha FitzRandolph


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