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0 @I1@ IND1
1 NAME Bill Funk
1 ASSO @I2@
2 RELA child of sperm donation
2 TYPE donor father
2 DATE 1 JAN 2020
2 PLACE Funk Hospital, Funkytown, Funk Co., New York, USA
2 ADDRESS 123 Funk Ln, Funkytown, NY 01101


0 @I2@ INDI
1 NAME Unknown Donar
1 ASSO @I1@
2 RELA sperm donor

Other possible RELA: gestational mother, ovum donor, gestational child, child of ovum donor,

John Charles "Charlie" Vail b. 25 May 1863, Missouri, to John Vail and Frances Kisling. d. 17 Aug 1933, Parker Co. Bur. Oakland Cemetery, Weatherford.

m. 26 Dec 1891, White Oaks, Lincoln Co. NM

Mary Palestine "Pallie" Arthur. Using her stepfather's name Pres(s)ley

Mary Palestine "Pallie: Arthur b. 24 Nov 1867 to Elizabeth Jane Keith and William Newton Arthur. d. 7 Aug 1942 bur. Breckenridge Cemetery, Stephens Co. They had the following children.

      		M 	i 	

Charles Ray Vail Sr. b. 12 Apr 1893, White Oaks. d. 3 Oct. 1961, El Paso. m. Ruby M Winter (1895=1985)

      		M 	ii 	
    	James William Vail (1897-1966) m Ruby Irwin Wilder (1899-1966)
      		M 	iii 	
    	John Arthur Vail (my grandfather) b. 3 Sep 1904, Deleon d. 23 Dec 1989, Denton. m. 1st Alice Sweet Ewing (my grandmother) 6 Jan 1906, Iola, Kansas, d. 22 Dec. 1991. m 2nd Mildred ?
      		F 	iv 	
    	Essie Vail (1894-1971) m Charles Morris Blevins (1890-1966)
      		F 	v 	
    	Frances Palestine "Fannie" Vail (1899-1981) m James Elgin Keith (1898-1962) her 1st cousin once removed..


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